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Alex, seven years old with Tita Eva and Andrea, four years old

SCENE 1  (Alex trying to show me and Andrea some asanas in yoga)

Alex:  Tita Eva, this is the ‘tree pose’ in yoga. This is a very dangerous pose because some people might cut me and turn me into paper.

Andrea: Yeah, they’re gonna turn you into toilet paper!

SCENE 2 (Alex and Andrea trying to get to know me better)

Andrea: How old are you Tita Eva?

Tita Eva: How old do you think I am?

Andrea: Would you be 54?

Tita Eva: I don’t like your answer. No beach treat for you.

Andrea: Oh no! But I thought I saw some white hair!

Alex:  Yeah, the white hair that the hair color failed to cover.

Tita Eva: Aaaargh! Take these kids back to Canada!