Living With Grandma: “They Stole My Purse” a post from the blog of Casey Kurlander. Accusations of theft is one of the earler signs of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Casey Kurlander

From time to time I will post stories that I have written about my grandmother, Betty Collura.  I lived with her for about 14 months in 2006-2007, and it was during this time that she started showing the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. It was an interesting time with many significant ups and downs, but I have a unique story to tell for almost every single day.

 May, 2006

After tossing and turning for the past three or four hours, I had finally managed to drift into a light sleep when I sensed someone creep up and stare at me.  I pulled the thick white down comforter over my face in an attempt to block the sunlight and hide even though I was burning up.  A second later I peeked out, directing my eyes to the doorway to see that she was still there and then over to the clock. …

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