In a recent travel, I found myself in the elevator with a young Hispanic couple and an octogenarian American couple. The two Hispanics were arguing where to have dinner that night in very animated Spanish. They could not seem to agree as the woman wanted to go out, but the man apparently wanted to dine in one of the restaurants in the hotel so they would finish early and he could watch Euro 2012 on TV. The guy was leaning against the open elevator door so that all five of us were stuck there and the elevator was not moving at all. When finally the couple reached an agreement (hotel restaurant it was), the woman pressed the 21st floor and we all heaved a sigh of relief.

When there were just the three of us, the old lady gave me a look an asked, ‘Do you young lady always travel alone?”

‘Well, not all the time, Ma’am but almost always I do’

‘Oh that’s why! That’s why you’re wearing that kind of ring. For self-defense!’

Now, many of those who know me and those who have followed my posts may have already known about my quirky sense of fashion. That night I was wearing a short little black dress. And because it was too plain, I accessorized with this eye catching cocktail ring, I wore this cocktail ring in my middle finger. And because it really was big, it covered partly my point and ring fingers.

I laughed at her observation and said ‘Yeah, this could really give a mean black eye’

‘You bet it can. You never know what goes on in the world these days!’, she said rolling her eyes and then giving me a wink.

Just then, her husband chimed in and said ‘Look honey, even her shoes are for self defense too!’ as they both looked at my black strapped stilettos.

Now, this really sent me laughing out loud. I don’t know if what they said about my fashion sense was good or bad  but I countered, ‘Yes, I could really give a mean roundhouse kick with this one!’ and went on laughing.

They smiled and waved back at me and were still talking about my self defense ring and my self defense shoes when they reached their stop on the 35th, one of the executive floors, as the elevator doors closed to take me to my room to the top floor.