Weekly Photo Challenge: FRIENDSHIP
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The Wanderlust Gene

In honour of the deep and abiding friendships that have sustained me throughout my life, I submit “Two Old Friends”.

“Best Mates” for almost sixty years, they’d met just after the war.  One was almost a decade older than the other, one mercurial, the other a deep flowing river.  Undemonstrative, in that dry, laconic way of Australian men, their love, and trust were implicit, unquestioned certainties.  At one point, the younger became the leader, demonstrating his solicitude and appreciation through annual visits to the other’s now far removed location.

To listen to them yarn, to examine and solve the issues of the day, to chivvy and tease each other, advise and seek counsel, to test each other out, was to be privy to the essence of love.

RIP, gentlemen.

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