From the blog of Discover The World With Arrangements Abroad ‘Travel Wisdom by Pico Iyer’. Pico Iyer, born in India and raised in England is perhaps the traveling-est writer of all time.

Discover the World with Arrangements Abroad

By Anastasia Mills Healy

Recently I had the good fortune to hear the accomplished writer and world traveler Pico Iyer speak in Manhattan as part of a new lecture series presented by the World Monuments Fund.

Being a good writer does not automatically make one a good speaker, but Iyer was engaging and inspirational, charming and wise.

Travel writer Pico Iyer

He peppered his talk with travel quotations, my favorite being one from Henry David Thoreau: “No place is uninteresting when looked at with interested eyes.” Think of that the next time you get antsy when your travel companion is lingering somewhere.

Iyer spoke glowingly about locations including Kyoto, where he lives, and Dharamsala, where he has spent time with the Dalai Lama. But in response to a query from an audience member who asked him to name some of his favorite destinations, Iyer quickly responded that Cuba was a place he has visited many times and which…

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