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The closest thing I got to see a tiger was in the flora and fauna scenes of Kamini, of Gitanjali Arts, my host in Jaipur and a documentary film maker’s films,  which we watched evenings. As a first time visitor to India back then, I never expected the Indian wild life to be so exotic and jaw dropping awesome. It was made even more interesting with the perfect mix of Indian music and snappy, breath taking camera work.

I have always been averse to the idea of seeing animals in cages. The afternoon of this shoot, I was with my cousins and our respective children in this nature park in my city which featured these tigers. There were three of them huge  tigers in a small perimeter of space but this beauty here happened to be the most lazy one. He was the easiest to capture in snaps. It was a busy afternoon but I guess, thousands of pairs of eyes had eyed him that day.

The last frame might have captured his true sentiments – staying in that cage all day (and it breaks my heart, really) and seeing the same curious look of hundreds of people bored him. And it shows!