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This is the view of the city far south as seen from a low flying R44 Raven 2. The VIP (who doesn’t happen to be me as I will never be) in the front seat randomly checks the coastal waters for debris and flotsam as this area  is largely a fishing village and houses the fish port.

Plotting the flight map

Fishing boats docked on the black sand beach of this fishing village

The fish port complex. Fresh fish catch are processed here  for export and some for the city’s consumption hence the need to keep the coastal waters clean. This particular random aerial check did not disappoint.

When the children heard the drone of the helicopter, they ran after us and waved. The VIP waved back. This was the scene, even with older adults swimming on the beach, waving and smiling. They knew who was in the front seat.

Rooftop of crowded homes in the village

As the helicopter inched into the city, the rows of roof top were arranged in better, rather than random order

Here the Raven2 was closing in towards the city proper, but not quite the city center. This  showed a more affluent neighborhood.

From a distance this helicopter, dwarfed by tall trees in this 18-hole golf course,  looked like a remote control toy for the big boy.