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Those who have been following my blog may have chanced upon my earlier post on the second week of May about my 78 year old  Alzheimer’s patient who was fixated about the shoes I wear in the office. Perhaps he found them odd or bizarre looking,  even outre that he commented, before leaving,  what pair of Lady Gaga shoes I might be wearing next time when he comes back.

Well he came back yesterday and caught me wearing a dress that  looked almost  like this, except that mine was predominantly yellow

(Photo Credit:ASOS.com)

and a pair of slingback six inch platforms that looked almost like this except that they were peep toe,  the base was wood, not solid and was see through in the middle. Go figure.

(Photo Credit: http://www.tedbaker.com)

As I was examining him, he said ‘Doctor, your dress is paisley print and ornate’

I said ‘It is. I’m glad you noticed. Thank you!’

‘And your shoes! Another pair of Lady Gaga shoes!’

Now Lady Gaga just had a concert in my country a few days ago and it was met with a lot of protests from the conservative Catholic and civil society which have shown very little tolerance for creative ‘genius’ and artistic expression. That’s why any allusion to Lady Gaga may not sound flattering at all.

But as the post title says, I’ve never been happier because it was clear, the patient’s memory was getting better. Lady Gaga shoes – in spite of or because of them.