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Andrea’s summer splash

My four year old niece, Andrea, here for a visit for the first time from Canada relishes the splash of pool water that makes her a delightful poster girl for summer.

‘Ate’ or Big Sister Alexandra basking in the morning sun as she says, ‘This country has only one weather – hot, hot, hot’

Alex loves sunning herself as she tells stories about the cruel winters she grew up with in Ontario.

‘Kuya’ or Big Brother/Cousin Enzo and his melted ice cream in a cone.

Summer can mean many things to many people. But for these kids – it means the sun, splash in the pool and ice cream cone.

Enzo my son styles his hair using his Papa’s styling gel. I don’t know how he does it or where he gets it from but he’s always enjoyed some degree of independence, hairstyle included. He must have gotten this hair inspiration from one of the macaws in the bird show.