Difficulty in word finding and aphasia are very common in Alzheimer’s Disease. This post I’m re-blogging from Let’s Talk About Family helps elucidate.

Let's Talk About Family

Dad was always a pretty quiet guy.  Mom was the one who tended to keep a conversation flowing.  Still, there were times when dad would get on a roll and tell funny stories from work or from his family.  Now that he has Alzheimer’s disease, his conversations tend to be very short.  I have to really work at it to get him talking.

Since he is living in assisted living near me, I sometimes try to bring photos and other memorabilia with me when I visit dad.  This helps get a conversation going and often I will learn about people and events I hadn’t heard about before.

I wrote before in “Making Memory Books for People with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia” about how I made memory books for mom and dad.  Today I want to talk more about finding and preserving the pictures your family took in the past…

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