Do you see any of the ten signs of Alzheimer’s Disease in your parent or loved one? Early detection and diagnosis can make a big difference in the quality of life – the patient’s and yours. (From the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado)

Alzheimer's Association of Colorado

One of the 10 Warning Signs of great concern to adult children of those with Alzheimer’s is the decrease in judgment apparent as the disease progresses.

This warning sign is more obvious if someone has always been really frugal and especially careful with their finances. Watch for sudden increases in spending or giving large sums of money away to perfect strangers who call or happen by the house. The key is whether this is unusual behavior and if so the risks should be discussed, not only related to financial issues but the personal risk of inviting a stranger into the house could be of concern as well.

Poor judgment isn’t limited to financial issues however. Decision making in general is affected and may include things like not wearing weather appropriate clothing, the inability to determine when it’s safe to cross a busy street, going for a walk alone or even…

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