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QUTUB COMPLEX. This complex in Mehrauli houses structures dating back from the Slave Dynasty in 1206-1296 and is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the almost two dozens that can be found in India. The most famous structure on the grounds is the Qutub Minar that stands at 72.5m which, when built in 1193-1368 was then the tallest ‘skyscraper’. It was constructed on the orders of Qutb-ud-din Aybak. The carvings are delicate, awe inspiring. The other structures may seem to be in ruins but being in this place brings you to a time warp – that ‘eerily queasy biblical times kind of feeling’.

I had the most fun picture taking experience here.

It takes a good looking dude to make me smile this way.

As a solo traveler I am at the mercy of other people, most of the time strangers – to take my pictures. I spotted a really drop dead gorgeous hunk who looked like Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko of CSI-Miami). Certain he was a local, I signed-language that I wanted my picture taken by pointing to myself, then to the spot where I would be standing before the background I wanted then simulated a ‘click’ to the click button of my camera. He let out a twisted grin and said with an unmistakable all too familiar  accent ‘There’s really no need for that Ma’am. I’m from Chicago. Now just stand where you want and I’ll take your pictures’ After taking about a dozen shots he came up to me and said ‘Check them. They’re all very nice!’

Aaaaw, it was my lucky day!