Among the Activities of Daily Living, the first one that goes is bathing. This blog asks and shows why. From the blog of letstalkaboutfamily (Helping My Elderly Parents)

Let's Talk About Family

Sometime during the years that mom and dad were living in the mobile home, dad had stopped taking showers.  I don’t think any of us could pinpoint exactly when he stopped, but the last year mom and dad were living independently it was clear that dad was not using his shower stall.

While dad was working, he showered and shaved every day.  After he retired, he continued to get up early and shower and shave for many years.  But over the years, things slowly changed.  Dad has been retired for over 30 years now.  He used to be the first one up every morning, long after he retired from work.  Often after he got up, he would make enough noise so everyone else would feel compelled to be up too.

Mom preferred to sleep in until 8.  Slowly she convinced him to just have his coffee and read the paper…

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