How To Talk To Your Parents’ Doctor from the blog of Let’s Talk About Family. (But first, you have to be with your parent patient when you see the doctor and don’t leave them with just the ‘nanny’

Let's Talk About Family

Some of you have asked how you can speak with your parent’s physician or go to the doctor’s office with them.  This all depends on the age and mental capacity of your parents.  If your parents are young and/or mentally able (competent), they make those decisions for themselves.  However, this is the point at which you need to talk to them about future issues.

First I would approach them about whether they have a will and documents to appoint a durable power of attorney and a health care surrogate to step in when they are unable to act.  For my parents, it was the need for a will that brought us to see the lawyer.

A family member had implored me to get my parents to have a will drawn up.  He knew that like 70% of retirees, my dad had chosen to have his retirement in his name only.  This…

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