Notes on living alone in late life from Living Alone and Aging

Living alone and aging

 Why do we have to wait that someone dies to think about the hardships of living alone in older age in an hotel room?

In San Francisco nearly half (44%) of the 18,000 hotel room dwellers are over 65. While most studies underline that the majority of older hotel room dwellers are male, in San Francisco the majority of older SRO residents are surprisingly Asian and women. Unfortunately only a crisis raises some red flags, like the articles on the recent death of a 91-year-old woman (see below) in Chinatown.

Hopefully I will manage to realize one of my dreams: study older Chinese hotel room dwellers in San Francisco. I have a great application in my folder.  I want to break the myth that older Chinese are connected and self-sustaining. Bo, an 81-year old men living alone in a tiny room in the heart of Chinatown, opened my eyes to…

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