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1. ‘We do not feel the passing of years, but we sense the impressions of old age –   Ibanag  proverb

2. ‘If you want to enjoy life, look, hear and listen’ –  Chavacano proverb

3.The body weakens but love never changes’ – Ibanag proverb

4. ‘Even if your hair turns gray and your face is wrinkled, your happy heart will make you young’   – Iloko proverb

5. The glory of young men is their strength and the beauty of old men is their gray hair’ – Hiligaynon proverb

6. ‘Enjoy the present hour, be mindful of the past and neither fear nor wish the approach of the end’             Maguindanao proverb

7.   ‘Strength and bravery make life progress –   Kinaray-a proverb

(Photos by: Edward Gerolock, Senior Advocacy Officer Coalition of Services of the Elderly or

COSE, a regional affiliate of Help Age International. Visit their website http://www.cosephil.org.ph)