God permitting, this year, I will be forty four years old, hubby will be fifty.

Our only child, our son is eight years old.

He just finished Grade 1.

This morning he  got his blue belt in taekwondo, officially recognized by his master’s mother club and for the summer, we intend to sign him up for more  taekwondo lessons, basketball clinic, horse riding,  (Finally! Because despite buying him a horse at six, he was not accepted at riding school because eight is the age one is taken in. The teacher in riding school says, his school, his rules. Fine.) and more ‘scientific’ swimming. He intends to  continue with  his regular 6AM or 4PM  twice a week  golf  practice  which he started two months ago with his Spanish mestizo friend Zeus and this morning, on our way to the parking lot, he asked his Papa to buy him an acoustic guitar…

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