We drove through a blizzard going to Milwaukee from Chicago. I had planned to leave early so I can meet up with my friend Luca who at the time had a stint in Madison but because we had to buy groceries and ingredients for the elegant dinner planned by a friend from Ocee, Tennessee, we spent a long time at the Oriental store, bought half the stocks in the shelves and loaded them up in the black Suburban. That was why, what would have taken a four hour trip, took us seven. But the mouth watering food made up for the long, scary drive.

I had never intended to go to Wisconsin until a week after  because I still had a few days of mentoring left  with Dr. Tina. But a friend was insistent that we had to leave ASAP.

I did not regret it one bit because that started my love affair with the architecture of the Chilean Santiago Calatrava whose books I bought (along with Picasso’s) and stashed from the museum store.

The day after the storm was sunny. We decided to check out the all white museum that only recently was one of the location shoots for the fifth installment of the movie Transformers.

I have always admired unusual, iconic architectural designs and you would have thought the museum itself was the art work.


Next I will be posting my personal favorites from the museum collection. I have lost many photographs especially those of the sculptures and the Georgia O’Keefe section but there are enough interesting photos of art pieces left to make for an engaging next post. Or maybe soon. Because the Turkish music playing in the background  (given to me by a patient this afternoon) makes me want to write about  my Istanbul adventure after this.