I apologize for another re-post of my earlier work but it’s almost ‘Full Moon Over Marrakech’. I didn’t realize multi-tasking can be this hard. I need sleep!


Seven years ago for almost a month I was in Chicago. I was fortunate enough to have been granted a stint in two of the top Geriatrics and Behavioral Health hospitals in the midwest, if not most of the US.  After corresponding through e-mail, the CEO of the hospital network arranged for a much longer one-on-one mentoring for me with the director of the neuroscience institute.

On our first meeting, I was instantly smitten and bowled over by the lovely Italian doctor. I remembered having previously seen her in Dementia conventions before in various venues as well as having been just behind her on the queue on my way to visit Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. She never remembered me of course but I did have vivid recollection of her because at the time of the tour, while everyone else was wearing loafers and flats and shirts and jeans,  she  stood…

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