I am re-blogging this. I apologize for rehashed posts as my project ‘Full Moon Over Marrakech’ will be launched soon. Maybe I will write a post about it. Or maybe I won’t (for modesty’s sake), LOL


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As a physician, I have treated patients from both sides of the fence. I also took the Hippocratic oath where I shall serve my patients regardless of  class, color or creed. That is why in public, I am unabashedly apolitical and keep my political colors in the shades of gray or neutral but never black and white. So it is accurate to say that I have no political color. I am apolitical, I am invisible except on the day, on the minute, on the second on election day when I tick off my candidates in the check list on my ballot as dictated to me by my conscience.

I say this because despite everything that is said about it, politics has always befuddled me. The way someone said  with temerity that’s where much money is made the easiest. I cringe at the thought…

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