Hair today, done tomorrow!


As a young girl growing up in what was  then a laid back city south of Manila, I went through a series of  the most unfashionably horrendous hair styles one could possibly have in her lifetime. Although my city was not lacking in what my mother would call  beauty parlors, (now we call them salon and spa)  most of the time, she would rather that she did the haircut. It spared her the trouble of  going to the parlor. It also spared her a few pesos, as a matter of course. Money did not grow on trees for us.

The problem was, my Mama was a grade school teacher. She was, therefore, not a beauty expert nor a stylist. Because she got married late, she was already matronly even when I was a young girl. And because she was not a ‘professional, that meant, the shears she would be using…

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