And the flight returns


I was on a plane en route to Chicago. Ok, that’s via Narita  in Tokyo with a two hour lay over. I was on board my favorite airline whose hub in Asia is Japan and in the US –  Detroit, St. Paul-Minneapolis  and maybe,  Seattle-Tacoma.

It was the time when Obama was an enigma, revered all over the world  as a charismatic, tele-prompter reading  demi-god who will deliver the US from evil and make peace with the rest of the world. But that was then.  He must have been echoing the dreams of  his father for Kenya. (Please, do not thrash, pillory and impale  me for making references to a political figure. I can’t even vote. I’m not a US citizen).

I had read earlier from the papers that he was to give a talk to a group of foreign journalists right beside the hall on the same day where…

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