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Two days ago I celebrated my blog life with cheap wine and left over cheese from Christmas. It was at best ceremonial or symbolic as I do not drink (I just smelled it and gave the glass to hubby) but yes, I ate the cheese – one of the two things where age matters, the other one being wine. But last week was all about rituals (Lent and Easter) and I included my own perfunctory ritual for my blog as an aside.

I contemplated what has happened thus far

1. Eighty four posts

2. If I am allowed to round off, almost 6000 site views

3. One hundred fifty five followers

4. Seventy five country visits

5. A notice from a publisher from my neck of the woods whom I have yet to e-mail

6. Five award nominations (Thank you to D, whose self-inflicted and untimely demise of his blog I continue to mourn until now. As hope springs eternal, I am waiting for his blog’s untimely resurrection if that ever happens and Thank you also to H, who nominated me this morning because of my post  ‘Jack’)

I need to belabor Numbers 5 and 6 because while I am over the moon with these recognitions, I still remain a grappling two month old blogger who, from time to time pores over the cheat sheets in Strunk and White (which I find too constricting, the kind that cramps my mojo) and Roberts’ 101 Rules of Writing (from which I derive so much delight he makes writing seem easy which actually is not for someone who’s writing in English as a second language).

Besides, the nominations come with rules and I suck at it.

I cannot even follow traffic rules, which made Jack notice me. He caught me jaywalking.

As yet, I have only been able to follow three of the 101 rules of Robert’s. I have ideal readers in the readers who like the post and write me comments. I have made them worry (in my post about Jack. They worry about me and my seemingly reckless encounters in my solo travel. They worry about my character Jack, who may have perished in the bombing or  languished in an Egyptian jail). The third,  letting some of my work marinate. That means I have ninety eight more rules to follow. Maybe I’ll become a better writer after that.

Really, I am very grateful but I have not got around to complying because I feel unworthy and undeserving.

I also reviewed the content of my blog, the topics I have written about and posted.While I have initially intended this to be a blog about Alzheimer’s Disease and everything I encounter in between age and aging, I have also written posts on travel, my son, my husband, my fashion sense (or lack of it), my hair, my mentor and my lost cat.

Which prompted me to ask, whatever happened to consistency of purpose?

My blog, my rules.

But to put things in perspective, the advocacy remains. It always will.

So with your kind indulgence I am posting a photo grab of my cable TV interview on Alzheimer’s Disease. I have not turned my back on the raison d’etre of my blog.

My sincerest thanks to those who have visited and kept coming back. I am humbled. I am grateful.