My sincerest ‘Thank you’ to AskLotta, President and CEO CB Corporation for featuring my blog in her post today. I am so moved. I am thankful beyond measure.


Dear Readers,
In the past several weeks I have been reading a blog called “Where’smytbackandotherstories” and I want to turn you all on to this blog as well. The writer is a doctor  based (I think) in Sidney, Australia, who works with Alzheimer patients. Her blogs are highly entertaining, exquisitely written and seasoned with kindness, beauty and respect.  She understands all too well the dark places life can take her patients, yet simultaneously shares life’s beauty through her wonderful sense of humor and appreciation for everything positive life has to hold.
Her post, “His Name Was Alex” was the one that roped me in to being a loyal reader.  And in one of my favorites, “And How Old Do You Think Is The Left Knee?” (  she wants the reader (you) to answer a very interesting (funny) question that a patient asked…

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