I’m posting it again, please?


                 (Photo Credit: Expat Hell)

                 (Only if you stop making fun of our bloody accent)

We do not deny that our country’s greatest export is our human resources. Because of that, Filipinos are seen in every conceivable piece of land or body of water on earth no matter how small a speck the island would look in the globe like Tenerife or Seychelles or Canary Islands and Vanuatu.

One of the things that remains a mystery to me is that foreigners can hardly make out my nationality-even Asian ones. Always, the first guess is that I am Thai. This was from a University of Manchester scholar Kresda, himself a Thai who I sat beside at the British Council counter at Heathrow while waiting for Kate to pick me up. He said ‘I’ve always thought you were Thai until I heard you speak. Your accent is definitely not Thai’  Oh…

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