I know.

‘Where’s my T-back’ sounds outre and odd enough a name for a blogger but do I really have to repeat myself in another blog post?

Really now!

But please take note that the sub-title of this blog is ‘My encounters with Alzheimer’s Disease…’

Read on and you will know why the T-back fits into the picture.

Here’s the story.

In the middle of 2000, a very cosmopolitan lady working and living in the US for the longest time (read: more than forty years)  retired from her work. She was nearing seventy years old at the time. In spite of a planned retirement where she intended to do volunteer work at a community shelter, it did not materialize because  she had put on so much weight and developed osteoarthritis which prevented her from driving long stretches. And the winters were cruel. So, she lived all alone in her apartment…

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