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1. They would pick the macaroni pasta by hand, piece by piece, from the salad bowl and arrange them like mahjong tiles. Then would ask the other guests to play mahjong with them.

2. They would take out their false teeth and leave them lying around anywhere. (Put them back where they should be Mom. They’re  e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e)

(Photo Credit: vintage.com)

3. They would insist in wearing the same dress they wore at another party two nights before – the same dress they wore to bed in the night before.

(Photo Credit: en.wikipedia)

4. They  can’t stop talking about the ghosts that they see in the lawn, behind the gate, by the banquet table, in the garage, on the stairs near the restroom, inside the restroom, behind one guest (what his name) etc that scares the wits out of the other guests

5.They can’t stop talking. (About the same thing over and over again). They just cant.