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1. On seeing a  framed oil on canvas painting of me examining an 80 year old candle vendor, weather-beaten creased face,  wrinkles and all

Patient: What a beautiful, beautiful lady.

Me: Well, thank you Sir.

Patient: I mean the old lady, not you.  (LOL)

(Photo Credit: ‘PAG-AARUGA’ oil on canvas, from this blogger’s collection, Rolly Yakit, artist)


2. On asking the patient how she was.

I am fine. It’s you. Wow, you put on so much weight!

(And she said this after I already lost  about 30 pounds from my all time heaviest at 154 pounds)

(Photo Credit: bigstockphoto.com)

3. On asking a patient to draw a clock (as a screening test for dementia)

What  for?  I have a Rolex

(And right she was. She had an authentic Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust)

(Photo Credit:coolspotters.com)

4. On telling a patient she has diabetes based on her HbA1c result

I don’t think so. I think I’m still two tablespoons of sugar away from diabetes.

(Photo Credit organicsoul.com)

5. On introducing myself  to the patient as Dr. Angel

                                          The patient called on his caregiver and asked ‘Am I in heaven? Why is there an angel?’

(Photo Credit:angelmovies.org)