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Let’s have some trivia

1. How many years is Mariah Carey older than Nick Cannon?

2. How many years is Halle Berry older than Gabriel Aubry?

3. How many years is Linda Hogan older than Charley Hill?

4. How old is Joan Collins? And how old is Percy Gibson?

(Photo Credit: access hollywood)

5. How many years is Melanie Griffith older than  Antonio Banderas?

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: pinoyexchange.com)

5. What does Al Galang have that Hayden Kho doesn’t have? What can Al Galang do that Hayden couldn’t? How old is Vicki and how old is Al Galang? (Clue: He is much younger than Hayden, of course!)

Maybe this?

((Photo Credit: mukamo.com)

And this?

(Photo Credit:tropicalpenpals.com)

6. How old is Vicki Belo, how old is what’s-his-name (Edward Mendez) and why is he in the picture so soon! Somebody’s being naughty and I can tell  it’s not Cristalle. Speaking of Cristalle, how come men as young as she fall for the mother instead of her?

(Photo Credit: philstar.com)

I’m not being ageist here. Just showing that cougars are having hmmm. more fun?

(Bitter much? Not!)