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1. Your address book and phone book and refrigerator memos have mostly names that start with Dr. and end with M.D. (Oh, that  creased folded piece of paper tucked in your wallet too)!

(Photo Credit:mymedicalplanner.com)

2.Getting lucky isn’t finding a parking space but remembering where you parked  your car in the first place, (Like, I remember there was a lamp post somewhere, while scratching your head)

(Photo Credit:commons.wikimedia.org)

3.  Your computer has more memory than you do. (Bad news is that you can’t have your own memory upgraded)

(Photo Credit:asourparentsage.net)


4. Your ear has more hair than your head (Aaaaw, lucky ear!)

(Photo Credit:forum.santabanta.com)

5.  You ask your wife if you need a haircut and she retorts  ‘Honey, you don’t need a haircut, you need hair!’