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Once upon a time, there was an old man, a widower in his seventies. Despite his immense wealth, he found himself  very lonely. All his children were grown up and lived in various continents in the world. Being alone all the time,  he had no one to keep him and his bed warm so he decided to remarry, except that he chose to marry  a  very young lass,  all of of nineteen years old.

When he came back  from his honeymoon, he resumed attending the weekly meeting of the  all-men’s  civic club where he was a member.

As he entered  the meeting  room, a colleague hollered   ‘Ah, here’s the old carabao eating young grass!’

Unperturbed, the newly married old groom walked up the podium confidently,  took the microphone and declared

‘You know, it’s OK to be an old carabao eating young grass as long as the grass is also eating the carabao’


( I wonder what cougars would say)

(Photo Credit:flickr.com)

(Photo Credit:uscdiving.wordpress.com)

N.B.  I do not lay claim to owning either picture and such  are being used for illustrative purposes only in this blog. They are not, I repeat, they are not the actual characters in this story.