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1. HAIR PULLING  to the point of going bald on a certain spot. Others have resorted to letting their patient wear a wig.  Playful daughters bought their Moms  purple wigs, blue wigs, red wigs on top of the generic short curly blond ones.

2A. PACKING THE  SUITCASE because they just had to go home (even if they are already home)! Believe it or not, they do this from a range of six to sixty times a day!

2B. UNPACKING THE SUITCASE because they are already home (even if they have not actually left)! Believe it or not, they do this from a range of six to sixty times a day!

3. HOLDING ON TO THE BAG NO MATTER WHAT because the ‘maids are out to steal her money, jewelry, make-up, bottled water  and, yes, bag.

4. GOING TO THE GROCERY AND BUYING MULTIPLES OF THE SAME ITEMS that fill the cart almost every day. One patient bought a grocery cartful of ketchup. The same patient, after filling her kitchen cabinet with bottles of ketchup shifted to buying  jars of mayonnaise. Another patient was reported to have bought a basket of peanut butter. Lycopene rich peanut butter-mayo sandwich anyone?

5. STOMPING THE FOOT whether sitting down to eat or to watch TV or bathing while seated on a plastic chair, with or without music, they simply couldn’t, wouldn’t stop stomping!

DISCLAIMER: The identities of the subjects in the vignettes and other stories on this blog are intended to be ‘anonymous’ to protect the patient and their families and keep the doctor-patient confidentiality or fiduciary relationship. The personas cited here are not meant to be blind items or fodder for gossip. My lips are zipped in that department. Some of their identities and circumstances have been altered but the nuances of their medical condition are fact and not hidden behind veiled medical-clinical fiction. Think Oliver Sack’s ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat’. Okay, it’s like comparing Roederer Cristal rose wine with vin d’ table but  I know you see the drift.